Property Search

Property Search

Now that your loan pre-qualification and know what your budget will afford, you are ready to start your home search.  Any of our experienced and professional Dreamcatcher Realtors can help you get under way with this exciting adventure into the world of real estate. Here are a few tips & pointers for a successful house hunt.

Choosing a Real Estate Broker
Just like your friendly Mortgage Loan Consultant, you will definitely be spending even more time with your helpful real estate agent, so it is very important to find someone whose personality you like. Different strokes for different folk, so to say!  You need to feel comfortable being with this person and asking questions.

Where to Start
Once you have your budget, it is often a good idea to look online and get a basic idea of what appeals to you.  Our Dreamcatcher website provides very easy to use and convenient search features, such as the option to privately “Save Searches” and “Share” property information with friends/family. There is also the option to have the complete mls information emailed to you, in case you want to investigate a certain property a bit more before putting it on your “Possibility List”.  If you are not too familiar with Taos areas, such as Blueberry Hill, Arroyo Hondo, Cerro, Red River…… Our website has a great area map with specific  and interesting area information & facts contained within each of the Taos mls regional zones.

Once you gather your “Possibility List” of about 10 or so properties, it is time to set-up an appointment with your broker of choice.  Let him/her know that you want about an hour of face time to discuss what you like about each property.  It also is a useful idea to get a blank copy of the purchase agreement ahead of time so you'll know what decisions you'll face when you make an offer, aside from familiarizing yourself with the legalese of the document.

Touring Properties
Now you have your list of properties that you definitely want to see. Maybe you have scratched off several since talking with your broker,or maybe he/she has suggested one or two that he/she thinks that you should see. Here are a few pointers:

  • Only schedule 3 or 4 houses at the most to see each day
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring water and any snacks that you might want
  • Bring a camera and a notepad, so you can refresh your memory later about the properties
  • If you dislike a neighborhood immediately or a home from the curb, don’t waste your time looking inside
  • Try to focus on the property; while it is easy to get distracted by someone’s clown collection or penchant for lime green. Endeavor to envision lovely “Desert Blush” colored walls free from tearful laughing faces!!
  • Relax!!!!!!  Yes,  buying a home is a major life-altering event, but it's not worth making yourself crazy or super stressed.  Our Dreamcatcher Realtors will also do their part to make this a pleasant experience.

Decision Time
Some people will know their home the minute they set foot inside while others need to compare the virtues of several properties before deciding on the “one”.  Once your decision has been made, it will be the duty of your broker to expertly guide you thru the process and strategies of negotiations including offers, counter offers & inspections.  

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